(Egg) Pizza Time!

Usually, having pizza for breakfast entails stale slices from a box on the floor accompanied by odd bruises you don't remember acquiring, and a new number in your phone saved as "giRl WITh tHE FaCe". Class up your morning pizza routine with Gioia Pizzeria's Brunch, starting this weekend

Since you're obviously not after the yogurt (or are you??), head straight for the aforementioned breakfast pizza with mozz, aged provolone, bacon, organic sunny-side up eggs, and cherry tomatoes tossed with red onion and chile flakes, or why Left-Eye's birthday party had too much cake. Not a fan of insanely delicious breakfast 'za? Opt for more traditional early-morning eats like buttermilk flapjacks, goat cheese frittatas, sausage & potato hash (w/ fried butterball potatoes), and crispy pork belly w/ polenta, salsa verde, and soft poached eggs, whose dad's constantly trying to get them to go outside and play sports

Don't worry, they didn't forget the most important part of brunch (award-winning side bacon from Wisconsin), or the second, third & fourth: mimosas, bellinis (w/ strawberry puree), and Blue Bottle coffee, which, oh my god is being served by giRl WITh tHE FaCe!!