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Pork belly sandwiched in two hand-ground patties

Published On 04/18/2012 Published On 04/18/2012

Just launched at Bluestem Brasserie and only sold on Fridays (sorry, 2010 Kirstie Alley), this 13oz burger to end all burgers features two patties of ground brisket and sirloin, plus a slab of crispy pork belly (!), plus plus caramelized onions, a sunny-side up egg, and aged cheddar, plus plus plus a side of Kennebec truffle fries.

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1. Bluestem Brasserie 1 Yerba Buena Ln, San Francisco, CA 94103 (Soma)

Downtown's Bluestem Brasserie has a sleek vibe that's reminiscent of LA, which is exactly why it's so unique in the city by the bay. Floor-to-ceiling windows, big leather chairs, private booths, and a second-floor balcony create an upscale, power meal vibe that matches the menu of solid American food. Bluestem has the best brunch in the neighborhood, probably because it serves a special brunch-only burger that's topped with hash browns, breakfast sausage, bacon, house-made American cheese, and a fried egg. Hello, heaven.



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