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Holy eff

Immediately stop what you're doing -- unless what you're doing is reading this email, in which case, continue -- and head over to Twenty Five Lusk, where their beer-loving chef is doing a brand-new, taste-buds-arousing, Lagunitas-paired tasting menu that (this week only) features three beers and three crazy-tasty bar foods, which, per item, each cost less than a rush hour bridge toll, so you know Chris Tucker is gonna be all over this

But don't take our word for it -- no wait, do take our word for it, but also, check out the photos below of this nuts-nuts-nuts tasting menu which features a) lots of 8% (!) beer, b) cheese smuggled in from France, c) cocoa dustings ('natch), and d) a Japanese sauce so spicy you need a prawn corndog to cool it down. Click through on the photos to find out what's what, then prepare to want to eat as much as you (Jackie) Chan