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Just like the grilled cheese place, except on four wheels

Because apparently Grilled Cheese + Super Cheapness + A State-of-the-Art Mobile Ordering System That Uses QR Codes + Grilled Cheese!! + Proprietary Flat Tops That Melt Cheese To Bread In 1 Minute + Dude, GRILLED CHEESE wasn't a winning-enough formula, the crew behind all-time-great San Francisco gooey goodness-ery The Melt is now adding Retrofitted High-Tech Mass Transit Vehicles to the equation with the launch of The Melt Bus

This suped up, 200sqft, biofueled short bus shell incorporates all of the restaurant's awesomest technologies, from the crazy-fast presses (they've got two on board), to WiFi, to the QR code scanner (it's next to the bus door) that lets you order ahead of time on your phone, scan in to skip the line, and then pay without ever having to expose your Men's Wearhouse Rewards Card

Starting tomorrow, the bus'll be on the streets, hitting 2-3 different locations (that'll be announced right here!), a number that'll increase by the power of Greyskull! 10 in the next five years when they plan to launch a fleet of 100 Melt Buses -- a multiplication formula you can damn sure get behind.