A Mission barbecue joint with its own microbrewery

Proving lefties can do more than just be hilariously awkward while trying to use scissors is Southpaw BBQ, the Mish's new smokehouse-cum-brewery run by two guys and a girl (but weirdly, not a pizza place), and sporting a Southern-y vibe via growler light fixtures, a live-edge 20-seat Claro walnut bar, antique redwood communals, and a space-time-continuum-altering seven-barrel microbrewing facility

Eats come from a chef formerly at Delfina and Twenty Five Lusk (in addition to BBQ/Creole joints in Copenhagen and Bangkok), and'll cover the gamut of Southeastern grill-lined goodness via imported Allan Benton Tennessee hams, cheese grits from a friend's 100yr-old mill in Mississippi, and Old Crow bourbon-brined chicken, and to douse your smoked pig parts, housemade deliciousness like a sweet potato habanero hot sauce, special enough for any G to Love.

Southpaw's big-kid brew kit features a massive stainless steel custom kettle, a fermenter, and a serving tank that can whip up 14 kegs at a time, with in-house brews (like Black Pilsner and One-Hop/One-Malt Ale) scheduled to be on four of their 12 taps in the next few weeks, and there'll be select Southern bottled beers and cans of Schlitz "Gusto", also something you should drink with to avoid questions like "why'd you order that instead of the house-made Black Pilsner?"

And for anyone with serious beer allergies, they'll have an all-American liquor program crafting classic Southern cocktails with 15 bourbons, 10 ryes, and six moonshines, which, like being left-handed, may lead to some awkward scissoring.