Yes, this brunch does come with free shots

Because fulfilling any of your New Year's resolutions will require you surviving the 24hrs after you make them, check out The Ultimate Hangover Brunch at Mayhem, the toothsome Mission drinkery that'll now fill your stomach, liver, and lungs with the head-pounding relief you'll so desperately need.

Starting the 1st and only available through January, Mayhem's UHB for two will start with you and your bro/girlfriend/brand-new girlfriend each choosing a dish from their grease-rich brunch menu (which includes epic headache pacifiers like bacon & egg sliders, jelly doughnuts, and fried chicken sandwiches), then making the enviable choice between on-the-side hash browns or tots, which the menu says are "real", and, if so, are probably spectacular. Next up, you and your new gf/potential-mother-of-your-children will down two complimentary shots of Fernet and then choose from a pair of bottomless boozing options: either mimosas, or light beer/ grapefruit juice combos they call "mendotas" -- though after a few drinks, men dota on almost anyone, eh?!

Now you're probably thinking, "man, this must cost like eleventy jillion dollars", and it does. But, lest you look cheap in front of your new-girl-you're-just-now-realizing-isn't-that-hot, Thrillist Rewards will hook you up with this for-two experience for under 30 bucks, which is also what you are, so it's weird you woke up with that over 50 mare.