They've got candied bacon!

If you've read his sexy decision in Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, you already know you can never get enough of a good (Warren E.) Burger. But if you somehow haven't, don't worry -- the crew at Cap Hill beef-slinger 8oz. are providing additional proof in the form of six new meatwiches, happy hour eats, and Summer booze options, all of which go down even easier than busing to reduce de facto racial segregation in schools. So make the right decision by scrolling down to see what they've got:

Happy Hour: Not a strict constructionist like Burger, this sucker's progressive and features stuff you won't object to, like a plate of the aforementioned candied bacon, and Mini Kobe Corndogs w/ a side of purple mustard.

Adult Beverages: Fresh cocktail options range from a Habanero Margarita w/ tequila, muddled fruit & habanero simple syrup, to classics like the gin/ vermouth/ triple sec/ orange bitters-based James St. Journalist, who presumably turned to alcohol because he's in such a de-press-ing line of work. Yeah, um, sorry about that one.

The Burgers: The new meat-discs include one made w/ Carlton Farms pork sausage & topped w/ Hempler's bacon, a fried egg & fig jam, and another topped w/ braised short rib/ demi glace/ horseradish dijonnaise called The Hill, though probably not for the one back East, as DC hasn't had a good burger since dude retired in '86.