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Whip it up at home

Here to ensure your Summer grill is not just well-ventilated mouth jewelry purchased off Paul Wall's eBay page is the chef/transplanted Southerner at Cap Hill's sweetest Chinese-foodery, Lucky 8's, who came up with this super-easy recipe for spicy Szechuan-style pork ribs. And since scientists have found reading arduous, we've also put together a video showing you how to make 'em, in which you'll learn how to: 1. Trim/clean two racks of spare or baby back ribs, then cover 'em in a Far East-style rub to ensure the cooking process has a happy ending. 2. Properly wrap 'em in foil (so you can save the juice from Lovelock Correctional Facility) and cook 'em on a warm -- though not roaring -- fire. 3. Make a basting sauce (you're going to need that juice!), then put those pups directly on the grill until they're nice and charred.So sip on some sizurp, sit sideways, and whatever else you/Paul Wall need to do to get comfortable, then click here to watch the video.