Seattle's most tranquil sushi spot

Sounding suspiciously like the phonetic spelling of what people call Kenny G's mother (but actually meaning "maple tree"), this modernist sea-foodery from the sushi impresario behind Umi and Kushi Bar is, like Kenny's parents, divided in two: in front, there's a bar lit by a light installation that looks like a dramatic crushed picnic basket, and in back, there's a wood-heavy dining room wrapped around a glass-enclosed Kyoto-style garden where they're slinging a massive menu of Far East eats prepped with Near-Northwest ingredients. Since the place is sexy like Ken's music, and you should bring a date, here's what to order for a lady friend:

You Want To Impress Because You Heard She's Underrated At Dry Humping: The Kaiseki Menu: Prepped by an entirely different chef, this multi-course tasting menu means things like marinated salmon roe served over somen, slow-cooked pork shoulder, and chicken soup w/ a grilled onigiri, aka a rice ball, which is also what Sarah Palin allegedly had w/ Glen back in the Michigan days

Who Wore a "Real Fans Love Levesque" T-shirt When You Met Her:The Sounder Roll: One of 40 specialty rolls (each of which Roger plans to eat on the field the next time he scores...or so say the blogs!) this spicy yellowtail/avocado number is topped w/ a seared crab & creamy scallop mix, as well as wasabi aioli.

Who Doesn't Want To Eat, Not Because Of Issues Or Anything, But Because She Already Went to Dick's:The Hello Kitty: Made with stronger-than-sake shochu, this specialty 'tail gets its girl-friendly flavors from the Nadeshiko flower, fresh raspberry, and mint, so your breath will be perfect The Moment she leans in to tongue kiss.