Native American eats for the masses

Native Americans have always found a way to provide us with food when needed most, like that first harsh winter in the New World, or after that first harsh time you lost $600 at Snoqualmie's new Spanish 21 table. Now they're hooking you up with lunch too: Off The Rez Truck.

Helm'd by a dude who grew up eating the NW American Indian faves (tacos, frybreads, etc.) he's serving now, OTRT is a mobile food operation distinctively wrapped in a mural boasting a chief in full headdress, and, on the other side, a tribal member literally blowing clouds of smoke over the city skyline, as if to say, "Fine, steal my land, but just know you're only getting 62 hours of direct sunlight each year bitchesssss". The aforementioned handmade frybreads can be grilled and topped with sweet options ranging from housemade strawberry preserves to hazelnut chocolate, or served "naked", which they call "a pow wow" staple, as a Jwoww staple is served with tiny, shredded strips of clothing. Additional sustenance means Velveeta-stuffed sliders topped w/ smoked peppercorn bacon & pickled onion; Indian Tacos (beer-braised Chicken Chili Verde, a 10hr smoked Pulled Pork w/ honey bourbon BBQ); and sides like a romesco sauce'd succotash made w/ quinoa, which has been cherry-smoked, and is presumably a native word meaning "Sufferin'".

Even if you don't like Yosemite Sam jokes, OTRT is currently posting up Wednesday through Saturday in locations that include South Lake Union, on Cap Hill next to Big Mario's, and outside Evo in Fremont -- a place where the munchies dictate that "all the time" is when food is needed most.