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A magically delicious food truck

Given the career paths of Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis, you'd think the worst thing you could do was give some Wizards a bunch of cheddar, unless you're talking about Cheese Wizards, a new mobile food operation grilling up gourmet sandwiches all imbued with the "power of cheese", which can presumably overcome anything not named Slim Charles. Here's what you need to know: The Story: Started by two brothers/self-proclaimed nerds whose mother thought it'd be cool if they moved out of the attic loft space, and paid her back for that damage to the furnace worked together, the CW pays homage to all sorts of geekery (video games, Harry Potter, etc.) through its menu/truck decorations, and even has an anthropomorphic sandwich mascot who quotes Highlander.The Truck: They took a '60s-era "Stepvan" equipped with a siren, gave it a geometric yellow paint job, and a custom roof extension that gives them room for decorations like chandeliers, pulp-style wizard paintings, and a sizable collection of owls that could make riding in it a little Harry... Potter. The Food: The menu's loaded with geek-inspired sandwiches -- try the Voldemort-adella w/ smoked gouda & thick-cut, pan-seared mortadella, or the pumpernickel/brie/housemade pear ginger chutney Critical Hit -- both of which will make you anything other than Slim, regardless of whether your name's Charles.

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