The food truck opens a shack on the lake

A few weeks ago, if you were like, "I'm going to Greenlake to check out Charlie's Buns & Stuff" that would've meant something totally different, but as of now it means the burger truck has spun off its own year-round red & black burger shack by that lake you love to pretend you jog around. So once you stop fake-stretching your calves, check out the: Pepper Jack Burger: Think this is just a 1/3lb seasoned organic beef patty topped w/ melted pepper jack and chipotle mayo on a pub bun? Wrong!!! It also has jalapenos. Cheesesteak Sandwich: Where do they come up with these kooky, crazy names? Either way, the phavorite of Philly phans phils you up w/ eye round beef steak phinished w/ grilled onions, mushrooms, and provolone. Onion Ring Burger: Top that beef w/ an onion ring, cheddar, and bacon that's been apple-smoked, as opposed to smoked from an apple, even though that's another thing popular to do at Greenlake.