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You'll never guess what day MPC's going prix fixe

As the good people at TGI Friday's will attest, nobody likes Mondays... except MPC's Cormac Mahoney, who apparently likes them so much he's starting a month-long series of dinners on that day built around a "guest farmer, winemaker, boozehound and/or chef", and calling it Monday! Monday! Monday!, because that's the day they're going down, and repeating things is awesome. And repeating things is awesome. See?

Anyway, guest cheffing on (Mon)day one is accolade-heavy Jenn Louis (repping PDX spots Lincoln Restaurant and Sunshine Tavern), who'll be working with protein'd vittles from Stokesberry Sustainable, plus Old World & heirloom vegetables from Local Roots, which you'll ?ustlove. Highlights from the four-courser include Icelandic lamb tartare (and you thought they just fished and made horrific economic decisions!), wood-roasted chicken & chicories, plus carrot cake alongside a handmade Stokesberry egg cream.

There'll also be wines from sweet spots like El Corazon to wash things down, and while courses/prices on these suckas will vary, you can expect something like four courses for around $40, though that could go up if you'd like to repeat a course. If you'd like to repeat a... nevermind.