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Southern sandwiches hit the streets

Even if you didn't have the chance to get them pregnant, the people you grow up with can still have a real impact on your life, as evidenced by Seattle Biscuit Company, who're slinging freshly baked biscuit sandwiches named mostly for real people from the owner's Georgia hometown. Their milk truck turned mobile eatery's got standard stuff like the PB&J/apple Lunch Pail, but the real fun starts with the Che (ham, bacon, egg, apple butter, mustard, pickle) or the bacon/ egg/ cheese/ jelly Wille Lee, inspired by a neighbor who never let kids play football in his yard and sounds like he was just Generally a curmudgeon. If you flew over from Mercer Island on your ruby-encrusted helicopter, go for their fancified $20 biscuit sandwich (named the Bishop Jim Earl Swilley for the pastor at a mega-church outside Atlanta), which promises "a potentially religious experience" thanks to four eggs, three kinds of pork, somewhat expensive cheese & somewhat less expensive cheese grits. The "farm to biscuit" ingredients are all sourced locally enough that the truck's sous-chef/ biscuit-maker can actually run to the various farms, which isn't all that hard since he's also an ultramarathoner, something to consider if eating too many biscuits starts to make you look pregnant.