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The weirdest, bestest donuts ever

Published On 05/14/2012 Published On 05/14/2012
    When you're going to sleep at night, do you ever lie in your expensive Swedish hammock wondering what Portuguese donuts popular in Hawaii are called? Well then, you're weird and likely fat, but the CIA-trained chef behind the new Lucky Devil Doughnut food truck has your answer: the "malasada", which he makes using a 100yr-old yeast dough recipe that's "lighter, more eggy, and slightly sweeter" than traditional ones. And even if you don't like Portuguese people or their fried confections that're popular in Hawaii, they've also got a bunch of other rotating specials, including highlights like:
    • A scrambled egg w/ SPAM sandwiched between two glazed or plain donuts, called Surfer's Breakfast -- make a habit of them and it'll be your chins that hang ten.
    • Bars that're good (maple with bacon called Babe the Blue Ox), gooder (a peanut butter-glazed one topped with halved banana known as The King), and goodest (the Fool's Gold filled with grape jelly and topped w/ peanut butter icing & bacon).
    • Spicy donut action including the Bangkok Dangerous (savory vanilla w/ Sriracha and sweet chili glaze), and the chocolate cake donut dipped in ghost chili chocolate glaze and cherry red drizzle they're calling the Lucky Devil, which is what you'll be if your bathroom trips for the rest of the day aren't Hell.
    • Sweet ones like the Fred & Barney (iced & dipped in Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles), and the Moonwalker (marshmallow-dipped and topped with crushed Oreos and an American flag. U-S-A! U-S-A!!)
    • Plus, a gigantic, extremely healthy, glazed "Texas-style" 1lber known as the Big Dipper, which is yet another thing you often wonder about at night, while trying to sleep in your expensive Swedish hammock.



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