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A Top Chef hits the streets

A Nomad is usually defined as a man without a country, or in the case of Marvel Comics, a man without a country who wears a ponytail and stun-discs on his shoulders. An Urban Nomad, on the other hand, is a pasta-slinging food truck helmed by a Top Chef /Tavolata vet. Also, it would never have a ponytail. Scroll down to see some of the things it will have:

  • Hot Italian from that Fiat commercial! Sausage Ragu served over fresh rigatoni w/ shaved parmesan.
  • Two radiatore in marinara options including the fresh basil w/ mozzarella, and the asiago-topped Turkey Meatballs, also a popular comedy set at a Summer camp on the Bosporus.
  • Fresh gnocchetti w/ a roasted garlic alfredo that can also be had w/ your call of chicken or shrimp, but since those things aren't nice to call anyone, perhaps just get the portobello.

If all that can't satisfy you, you're probably Mick Jagger, but UN'll do their best by offering sides like a lemon Caesar or a garlic baguette, which is likely to leave you as a man without... someone willing to kiss him.