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Burgers to (un-)die for on Vashon

You might think that Vashon Island is where commuters go to die, but you'd be wrong: it's where they go to half-die, sustained by the eats at Zombiez. The name of this hilariously brain-eater-themed burger shack was inspired by how the owner's daughter ghoulishly misread the name of the Zumiez shop that used to occupy the space, which is now tricked out with theme-appropriate decor, and slinging regionally-sourced beef presumably always served very, very bloody. See what's in store: The space isn't too horrific (it's a family joint!) but there's a ton of zombie kitsch, the sign's done in blacklight paint by a local tattoo artist, and their counter's made with wood reclaimed from a bowling lane and set up w/ zombie pins that're small, so as not to... ohyeshereitcomes... bowl you over. The menu is entirely made up of braaaains. Just kidding! It's entirely made up of stuff almost as delicious as that, like gnarled hand-battered chicken "fingers", and a ZLT which is actually made w/ what they say is normal bacon. Additional offerings include shakes crafted with ice cream from Full Tilt, and colorful Zombie Hunting Permits (no daily bag limit!), so perhaps Vashon is actually the place commuters go to... kill?