A turkey-only restaurant in Woodinville

If you want to spend every day pretending it's Thanksgiving (minus your great aunt's 15min soliloquy on Michael Dukakis being "stallion-esque"), hit up Gobble, a farmhouse-inspired eatery from a Food Network vet slinging nothing but dishes based around those things that look like fatter and uglier chickens. The menu includes homestyle platters of their trademarked GobbleRub bird, hand-carved w/ stuffing, gravy & two sides; or get any combination of sides when ordering a giant smoked drumstick or two wings -- also a great hour of television, especially if it's the episodes where Lowell is in Witness Protection. Said sides range from turkey-based Killer Chili (but wasn't it Left Eye who liked to set things on fire?) to classics like mac 'n' cheese, and baked sweet potatoes.If by now, you haven't had enough tryptophan to put down an adult moose, opt for additional eats like turkey meatloaf w/ tomato, mushroom & onion gravy, or get one of the few birdless items including freshly baked apple and pumpkin pies, which you'll need to get through a dessert hour of listening to Aunt Vickie speculate about the size of a certain Dukakis.