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A pasta destination on the Pike Place Hill Climb

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that's just because anyone who dares to cross the all-powerful Big Breakfast Lobby is toast. Preferably whole wheat. Or cinnamon raisin, if they have that. For a resto aiming to shift the popular vote to lunch, hit up Il Corvo

Posted up inside the still-operating Procopio Gelateria (altered only by the addition of a 400lb granite-topped dining table/cooking surface), this lunch-only 20-seater was conceived by an Italy-trained Lecosho vet who's serving up Market-sourced Boot food in the form of three or four daily noodle options culled from at least 30 varieties of fresh handmade pasta. The choicest carbs include:

Farfalle: A spicy coppa, sugar snap peas, Parmesan, and a light butter sauce top these numbers that're cut from handrolled pasta sheets and folded to look like bow ties, which must've taken forever, unless the chef went to Seattle Prep.

Maccherone alla Telefono: Sauced with tomato, mozz, Italian parsley & Mama Lil's peppers, this rustic take on Naples classic is made w/ macaroni extruded from a handcranked pasta maker called a torchio or bigolaro, the latter of which is Italian for big... laro, or something. Maybe just Google it?

Bigoli: This whole-wheat spaghetti-like dish is also cranked through the torchio and topped w/ garlic, lemon, parsley, an egg yoke & cured tuna heart, which is produced via a complicated process of no longer having Chad Pennington as his starting QB.

There's also a selection of rotating Antipasti (a juniper-flavored ham & rhubarb combo, Pecorino w/ chestnut honey) all of which are just three dollars after taxes, which is good since that's all the money you'll have left after suffering through (a) notoriously Big Breakfast.