Food & Drink

A crowd-funded resto on Cap Hill

They say before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most, becau... okay, obviously it's money. Joke! It's totally friends... who'll give you money to open your own restaurant, like Skelly and the Bean.

Opened in the former Easy Joe's space by an Elliott Bay Cafe/Cafe Flora vet, this fully boozed 50-seater was funded almost entirely by donations from the public, and is eclectically decked with furniture sourced from thrift stores (apparently the side of the road is also a thrift store), and a bar built from corrugated metal & a miner track, but thankfully not a Harold Miner track since that wouldn't even last four full seasons. Rigorous farm-to-table eats start with apps like a rabbit rillette/bone marrow/liver mousse Charcuterie Plate; a mussel po' boy/celery root salad combo called Rowley Bites; and something called Duck, Duck, Duck, which is a strong opening gambit before going "Goose" on slow-ass Tanya Fehler includes the foul served confit-style, as well as with its cracklins & eggs. Mains range from a half chicken whose preparation is "secret-shh" (it changes every day), to Maud's Burger topped w/ fromage, pickled onions & a bacon weave, and lamb w/ rye berries from Ninety Farms... so probably 89 more than necessary.

Behind the bar, SatB will be slinging infused 'tails and select brews (Profanity Hill Porter, Hilliard’s tallboys), plus they've got dessert like doughnut drops filled with jam, chocolate, and custard, plus a cheese selection that will give you five choices, even though you're only interested in the cheddar.