Mexican <em>and</em> American. Also, margaritas.

Naming a restaurant after something you always do is a risk -- especially since "Weep during Sex" sounds like it doesn't have great apps -- so the lady behind Ha! played it safe and named it after her laugh instead. Opened in the original Hunger space by a resto-biz vet with an appropriately booming chuckle, this Mexican/American 50-seater's been spruced with tile floors, and a custom bar built with reclaimed wood from Bellingham, where it's always super easy to find someone who's bored... err, whose boards are available.The massive menu boasts great (!) apps (grilled jumbo prawns w/ pineapple habanero sauce), hot sandwiches (pineapple/garlic/ chipotle-marinated steak on a torta roll w/ sauteed poblanos), and mains like a beer-battered salmon & chips, also a show in which Tim Salmon tries different snack foods, then just ends up telling you about his three good years with the Angels. They'll also break your fast daily with Huevos Rancheros, and classic American breakfasts like the one where Emilio Estevez is weirdly cast as a jock biscuits and gravy w/ sausage. If that's not enough, you may want to consider rethinking your eating habits, or choose something from their list of eight different "margaritHa!s", a handful of mimosas or Bloody Marys, or a specialty 'tail like the muddled lime/ pineapple/ vodka/ St. Germain Charmer, which is exactly how the women you do sex with think of you until all that weeping starts.