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Satisfy yours in their huge new space

When the crew behind Fremont's Hunger decided to pack up their old space, they totally ignored Biggie's commandments to "never let 'em know your next move" (they announced it in January), and "keep your family and business completely separated" (they're married!), but they did follow his real estate advice -- they've kept the "same number, same hood" -- so that's definitely all good. For deets on the eatery's huge new digs, and what are presumably some Juicy new menu items, scroll down

Located just six blocks down Fremont Ave in the former Dad Watson's space, the new location's got more than twice the capacity of the tiny original, has been pimped with a massive, salvaged bar that connects to the kitchen in an undulating wave, and features custom ironwork, plus two types of lights, including ones that look like bare bulbs wrapped in chicken wire, also the name of an HBO series Wade Boggs would freak out about. Thanks to their new open kitchen, they're now doing daily pasta dishes (try the tomato fettuccine w/ boar sausage) using fresh noodles made in-house, though likely not by Olivia Wilde's character, as she's mad skinny.

And if you think it's hilarious to use that old "seafood diet" joke, you're childish, but will be nonetheless amused by new off-the-boat options ranging from a Day Boat Scallop Crudo w/ grapefruit, harissa vinaigrette & bacon crackers (!), to a Fresh Tuna Ceviche topped w/ a seared egg yolk & micro-greens, which sure as hell beats the sardines B.I.G. used to eat for dinner.