How to build Seattle's best sandwich

On Thursday nights, Hunger 2.0 in Fremont is serving a super limited supply of pork belly Reuben sandwiches so indulgent that eventually they may make you start looking like that far less appetizing kind of Ruben (Studdard). Here's how they do it:First they smoke whole pieces of pork belly, then cut 'em up into enough pieces for just nine sandwiches. Nine. And don't bother asking for seven of 'em -- who do you think you are Chakotay from Star Trek: Voyager? Next the pork gets grilled, and thick slices of brioche are toasted in what your nickname would be if you made these all the time at home (yes, lardo).The classic Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut are then added in the form of a cabbage gastrique. Also included: Peri Peri sauce! After it's assembled, they top it with fried slivers of pork, and recommend it be paired with an "Old Bear" cocktail -- a shot of bourbon, and the only beer that would ever seriously consider getting Ruben Studdard to endorse it: Hamm's.

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