Korean steakhouse moves to Fremont

If you're in a car, or on a bike, or once passed the non-sit and reach portion of the Presidential Fitness Test, the move from Wallingford to Fremont isn't a big one. But that shan't stop the people of Fremont from celebrating Joule, a Korean steakhouse from the couple behind Revel and Quoin, who moved it out of Wallingford and into the new, high ceiling'd Fremont Collective building, adding urban touches like brackish floral wallpaper created by local art crew Electric Coffin. The steak portion of the menu's got a “Beef of the Day” that could be Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey but is probably still Chris Brown vs. Drake, as well as regular offerings like short rib steak w/ kalbi & grilled kimchi, and a beef tartare w/ spicy cod roe & Asian pear. There's also not-steak dishes including kasu/garlic chive Drunken Shrimp, a rice noodle (apparently Sarah Palin's favorite during her sportscaster days) served w/ chanterelles & broccoli rabe, and a horseradish-topped kalbi burger.If you're not very hungry, just hit up the bar for some apps (shrimp cocktail w/ Chinese celery & ginger beer, salted shrimp-/serrano-topped pork belly), or try something from their list of "interesting" cocktails, which, much like that Fitness Test, will have you sitting and reaching.