Guess what 'hood this burger/BBQ place is in

Though it is about time someone opened a restaurant dedicated to rap groups affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, Pete's Fremont Fire Pit is instead serving up the other killer B's; booze, BBQ, and Black Market Militia burgers, so just know that topping them with Cheese is likely the only appropriate service Method, Man. Here's why it's worth spending your C.R.E.A.M. at PFFP: The Interior: Opened by the dude behind Roxy's and The Backdoor at Roxy's (Guess what his name is? Yup...Clifford. Just kidding it's Pete!), this fully boozed spot boasts gaming options (dart boards, table games, etc.), and boldly colorful walls, including one with a massive mural of the Fremont Cut, which barbers also call making it look like you've never ever been to a barber. Specialty Burgers: Creatively topped numbers include the BBQ'd beef-topped Briskit Burger w/ cheddar, a smoky sauce & basil; the double-patty'd Huns Burger w/ apple slices, chipotle mayo & bacon; plus one sloppily finished with Chili that's presumably a Red Light Special made with all sorts of T.L.C. Waterfalls!!! BBQ Plates/Sandwiches: There're also house-smoked meat options like smoked pork rib and/or brisket platters (w/ sides ranging from Mac & Cheese to Slaw), and Kaiser roll-based fist meals including a Succulent Pulled Pork that you can also get Memphis-style, though the original is really Nothing to F*** With.