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Greenwood gets home-style Koren eats

Quick, what's the most likely reason you just pulled up to Tony's Auto Repair? If you said "oil change", your logic is impeccable, and you can stop reading. But if you said "for the shockingly generous helpings of sweet Korean eats that Tony's wife and daughter are slinging counter-service-style from a remodeled corner of the building", then congratulations, you get to read more about Kalbi Grill!Because it's probably the only Korean dish you've heard of in the name of the place, their selection of grilled eats includes a heaping portion of marinated Kalbi-style short ribs. They also do fish-based eats like a seafood tofu soup w/ mussels called Soon-Doo-Bu, and a rice/veggie/marinated beef combo called Bulgogi Bibimbap pronounced... um, maybe just point to it.KGE's still waiting on a liquor license but once they get it you can count on Asian brews, and a selection of the Korean rice wine Soju -- the over-consumption of which means... congratulations, you can't read this sentence!