Food & Drink

They <em>do</em> do windows

Taking a cue from Alfred Nobel and Wile E. Coyote, the crew behind The Hi-Life and 5 Spot are playing with dynamite at TNT Taqueria, a vibrantly colored, walk-up-window-equipped spot serving locally sourced Mexican street-eats right on 45th. Get ready to scarf

Tacos & Burritos: The former are topped with cotija, cilantro, radish & choice of salsa, while the latter are stuffed with arroz roja, frijoles pintos, Monterey jack & pico de gallo. Both come with meat choices ranging from pork al pastor, to ancho-braised beef brisket, which, despite what the jokesters say, IS your braised beef brisket

Hamburguesas & Hotdogueros: Besides being Randy Jackson's answer whenever someone asks him his favorite Travolta movie, the "Basic Dog" is TNT's standard Painted Hills beef quarter-pound wiener. Randy Jackson also enjoys burgers like the Roasted Anaheim Chile w/ Tapatio aioli, because he's fat

All-Day Breakfast: Morning, noon, or night, grab AM-stylings like burritos w/ cage-free eggs, papas de comal, jack & pico; and jack- & cotija-topped huevos rancheros -- any way you go, you'll quickly eat yourself out of being a Roadrunner.