A Grunge-era icon's reborn in the ID

Due to the cyclical nature of musical tastes, many things from the Grunge-era are starting to become popular again, like incomprehensible lyrics, and, for some totally insane reason, doing whatever it takes to ensure your band is NOT named Mookie Blaylock. For a famous Grunge-era resto, once again sating your taste for 'za, hit World Pizza.

Fifteen years after closing the Belltown original, the brothers behind this golden-era-of-Grunge destination for performers/fans from The Croc, Moore, etc., have reinvented it as a salvaged wood-heavy Chinatown slice-house with seats for 20, and myriad touches from the old space, including vintage signage, and -- originally reclaimed from the lobby of the Space Needle -- a low-slung orange couch. WP's meatless 16in pies include their signature spicy Veggy Pepperoni, and Roasted Red Potato w/ garlic, rosemary & gorgonzola; custom-topped numbers like wasabi pineapple or basil walnut pesto; and by the by-the-slice rotating "Fancy" 'za wedges which you might as well admit are The Best You Ever Had. Swill-ables include "good" espresso brewed on a vintage machine, select suds (Manny's on tap, Rainier by the can), and nostalgic non-alcoholic beverages like orange Fanta, and "the very grunge" Kool-Aid, also the name of a charity that supports former (& the) Gang members.

Future plans include late-night dining (the original was open 'til 3a), and a variety of baked goods ranging from giant M&Ms cookies (like the ones sold at the bros' favorite arcade in the '80s) to Budapest-style coffee cake, which incidentally goes pretty good with Pearl Jam.

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1. World Pizza 672 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104 (Intl District)

Fifteen years after closing their Belltown original, the brothers behind this golden-era-of-Grunge destination have reinvented it as a vegetarian-only slice-house in Chinatown. Chow down on vegan pepperoni pies inside the vintage-era digs. With seats for 20, and some well-placed nods to the old space, including some of their original vintage signage, this hip destination scores both on the aesthetic and culinary front.

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