If you want cold cakes, go to Baskin-Robbins

Hot Cakes -- no longer just something your inappropriate aunt who's not really your aunt at all calls you, thanks to Autumn Martin, who just opened a boozy eponymous desserts & more shop featuring buttercream-colored walls, dark wood, and room for 26, or 52 Ally McBeals.If you're someone who loves desserts and tells people you have a sweet tooth with no irony: Snag spicy chile molten cake, grilled chocolate sandwiches with salted caramel dipping sauce, hand-rolled truffles, and booze-filled milkshakes. If you're someone who doesn't like dessert, or people who use terms like "sweet tooth" with no irony: Then it's weird that you showed up at a place called Hot Cakes, though you're welcome to sample their grilled cheese made with either gruyere or bleu, sauteed dates & cured ham; plus a broccoli salad with olive oil & brewer's yeast, or as Robin Yount calls it, "actually yep, brewer's yeast is correct."If you're someone like Ally McBeal, who would never be caught dead eating anything: Worry not, they're currently developing a menu of "creative" cocktails, because, unlike that aunt of yours, drinks and inappropriateness are definitely related.