Northern Thai food you can eat with your hands

Fraggle Rock = a creepy but popular children's show, especially during scenes involving Gorgs. Or Marjory the Trash Heap. Pestle Rock = a decidedly non-creepy resto, serving up Northeast Thai cuisine in the old Snoose Junction space, now outfitted with shingled walls, exposed brick, and ceilings lined with rounded wood beams that look freshly cut, and therefore maybe confused for Terrell Owens.

Food is from the Isan province, which is known for its "spicy and pungent" cuisine, including Sai Ua, a homemade Thai sausage using Carlton Farms ground pork, red chili paste & Thai herbs, and Gai Yaang, which is grilled game hen marinated with honey, garlic, and seven kinds of herbs, though luckily none of them served as interim coach of the NY Knicks. If you're like "fish. It's what's for dinner" prepare to be sued by the beef association, but before that enjoy a mixed seafood stir-fry with fresh Thai chilies & peppercorns, or deep fried Idaho trout topped with shaved mango, ginger, galangal, lemongrass and chili.

As of now, they've only got non-alkie drinks (Thai iced tea, fresh coconut juice, etc.), but you can get seriously sweet on pan fried roti topped with cinnamon and condensed milk, or the sticky rice/caramelized potato/roasted peanut topped "Ice Cream Sliders", which could be a creepy but popular adult show, if they could only get that fat guy with the beard to slide into a Haagen-Dazs production facility.

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