Georgetown's newest Mex-taurant finally opens

It takes a good year to accomplish anything worthwhile, which probably explains why Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe finished that movie in seven or eight weeks, tops. Taking the amount of time to open that it probably took those dudes to make, say, Gladiator, Fonda La Catrina.

Just opened in the former Tile Works space after almost a year of hosting occasional art shows/catering events to raise money, this 70-seat comida-ry is serving a rotating market stall-inspired menu in a concrete-floored space framed by a raw wood-topped/metal-clad bar and kitchen counter on either side, and art'd with the popular "Catrina"-style skeletons first illustrated in the 19th century by a Mexican artist named Posada, who must've been pretty hip-hip. Jor-ge!! Tortilla-based eats include two types of tacos (the Painted Hills beef/green pepper/onion/bacon/avocado Alambre, and the Cochinita Pibil w/ Carlton Farms pork, Cara Cara orange & habanero), plus enchiladas like the Pollo braised in guajillo/pasilla peppers with sesame seeds, so expect they'll tell you how to get, how to get way more than two sesame seeds. Other traditional eats mean Pozole soup w/ a side of shredded cabbage, sliced radishes & corn chips, and Chipotle & Chile de Arbol-sauced pork/beef meatballs that appear on the menu in the Spanish -- "El mejor película de Bill Murray" Albondigas.

Helping make jokes about 33yr-old Bill Murray films even funnier is a full range of booze, including specialty 'tails (the el Jimador tequila Fresca w/ muddled cilantro, serrano chili & pineapple), brews from Georgetown, and a handful of wines -- though hopefully no 2006 vintages from the south of France, as most aren't even worth Crowe-ing about.