Food & Drink

The only thing better than meat? Fried meat.

Because Japan and America go together like Tom Selleck and that movie where he's in Japan, feast your eyes, then mouth on Katsu Burger, which combines Japan's juicy Katsu-style fried meats with American-style burgers in a brightly colored counter-service spot, just opened in an otherwise careworn mini-mall by the guy behind West Seattle sushi spot Mashiko and his longtime chef, both of whom conceived the idea after sober reflection they were no longer sober.

The menu starts with their signature tempura-battered/ panko-breaded/ deep-fried burgers, including the Tokyo Classic w/ a beef patty, Japanese mayonnaise & tonkatsu sauce; the patty/ bacon/ pineapple/ wasabi mayo Samurai Select; and the pork-based, cheddar/ bacon-topped Ninja Deluxe, presumably named because it, too, is a silent killer.

The menu's real gems, however, are KB's two "Mega Burgers" for "insane appetites": the double-beef/ double-cheese Tokyo Tower, and one with beef, chicken, and pork patties, plus three types of cheese & bacon, called Mt. Fuji, probably because it works so well on film (see above!!).

In addition to burgers, KB also does hand-dipped chocolate, vanilla, or green tea shakes, and fries served with nori or curry dipping sauces in cartons normally used for Chinese take-away, though if that's what you got from Mr. Baseball, you need to watch it more closely.