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Serves more than veggies, turns out

For a cult California hit that definitely doesn't serve Kool-Aid (too much high-fructose corn syrup!), hit up the Veggie Grill in South Lake Union. The first WA resto from the cultishly popular LA-based fast casual chain, VG offers up 100% plant-based food sans animal fat, dairy, cholesterol, and all those other things keeping you in pleated pants, but does so using some weird magical formula that actually makes it taste kind of awesome

Signature highlights from the menu include the Santa Fe Crispy Chickin'* Sandwich w/ red onion, avocado & spicy vegan mayo on a cracked wheat bun; the "Crab"** Cake w/ spiced tartar sauce, pickles, and a side of red cabbage slaw or chili; and the avocado-topped, spicy blackened Bayou Chickin'*, also what Annabelle called Billy when he couldn't beat the action driving stage of his NES game. Choice sides include Sweetheart Fries (sweet potato) served with chipotle ranch, and the "cheese", corn salsa, avocado, soy cream, jalapeno-topped Uptown Nachos, which is a song Billy Joel's penned for his current love. Have you seen that dude recently?!?

If you're still trying to get fat despite all this healthful food, your best chance is with desserts like a veggie cream cheese frosting'd carrot cake, or the crushed cookie-topped chocolate pudding parfait, if you're really Jonesing for something sweet.

*Okay, so this is actually specially seasoned, marinated veggie proteins. But, again, they taste kind of good.**No idea what the crab is (marinated veggie protein?) but it's that damn wizard alchemy again.