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Cap Hill seafoodery gets remixed

Usually when someone turns 20, the only thing they need to overhaul is the frequency with which they rock Structure mock turtlenecks, but after 20 years, Cap Hill seafoodery Coastal Kitchen's gone a step further, revamping their entire space (bamboo floors, garage-style doors, a mahogany cocktail bar, no Structure mock turtlenecks, etc.) and adding an oyster bar they're describing as "bicoastal" because it was inspired by Boston oyster houses but serves West Coast bivalves. The revamping also extends to a brand-new menu that'll include at least four local oysters every night, plus fresh seafood like Willamette River crawfish, and fried dishes like Pacific Cod & Chips misted w/ malt vinegar, or a combo plate called Poseidon's Platter Fry, because nothing sates hunger like a dish named after a dude whose mom concealed him among a flock of lambs and pretended to have given birth to a colt. Land-based eats mean Porto Risotto w/ pecorino, bell peppers, onion & spinach beneath a roasted portobello, and a Painted Hills beef burger that can be topped by, like, a burger dominatrix presumably, but also bacon, avocado, and an egg. Tired of drinking tap water mixed with orange juice concentrate? Then hit up the new craft cocktails they'll be serving behind the aforementioned bar, along with old-school favorites like housemade limoncello that'll instill you with so much false confidence, you'll feel like you're 20.