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Ethan Stowell brings Rome to Cap Hill

Everyone knows the phrase "When in Rome...", but most don't realize that it ends "you've got to go to the Rione XIII district because it has sick food, and the girls from the American University live right there and go to its pubs and will sometimes talk to you when they're not making out with dudes in cool leather coats". Or skip the flight and just enjoy Seatown's Rione XIII, via this exposed-brick-and-beam-heavy 50-seater w/ hand-blown pendant-style light-fixtures, all opened by a certain prolific Ethan Stowell, and chef'd by a Tavolata vet.The menu boasts pizzas you might find on a very delicious Roman street corner, like one topped w/ Manila clams, zucchini & marinated peppers, and another w/ mozz, anchovies & squash blossoms, also what CBS's head of TV Programming wrote on his whiteboard during every early '90s meeting. They've also got pasta (Gnocchi alla Romana w/ butter, Pecorino Romano & sage), large plates (braised oxtail w/ creamy polenta, tomato & rosemary), and small plates like a pangrattato- & aïoli-topped artichoke that's fried in the "Jewish Style", though hopefully it doesn't (side)burn.R13 is also offering up plates of antipasti w/ wood oven-roasted veggies & Prosciutto di Parma, which, along with their full bar menu, are likely to attract a ton of girls from our local American Universities who likely won't talk to you either.