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Rolling prices all the way back to... 2007?

Ah, 2007. When flipping McMansions in random Florida subdivisons while listening to "Fergalicious" was the sh*t, and iPads were just what people with strong Wisconsin accents called the iPods they played "Fergalicious" on. Well, you may not be able to go back to those heady days of '07, but for one day today, Smith is.

The Cap Hill eat/drinkery is celebrating its fifth anniversary tonight, and rolling back prices on an entire meal's worth of deliciousness to the year when "no one knew what a communal table was". So save yourself a Scrooge McDuck tower of money on their:

1/2lb Painted Hills Bacon Cheeseburger price today: $9 Normally: $14How to spend the $5 you saved, 2007-style: Five words for you -- Dan in Real Life matinee

Poutine (fries w/ cheese curds and gravy) price today: $8 Normally: $11How to spend the $3 you saved, 2007-style: Fred Thompson for President bumper sticker! All the political scientists know that if you're good on Law & Order, you're going to be good at Law & Order!!

Manhattan w/ Old Overholt & Carpano Antica price today: $6Normally: $10How to spend the $4 you saved, 2007-style: Get yourself .006 ounces of gold, as it's likely going to be worth double whatever you spent on that six-bedroom in Cape Coral.