West Seattle's first wood-fired pie-pusher

One surefire way to succeed is to become intimately familiar with each of your job's constituent parts, though Bill Clinton was able to get pretty damn far limiting himself to just the female ones. Learning himself on his job, while limiting his use of triangulation to pizza cutting, the guy behind Pizzeria 22.

From a dude who gained the 'za-pertise necessary to open his own joint by first slinging pies, then developing a mobile pizza oven business, then later helping launch restos like Via Tribunali and Pulcinella, this narrow 40-seater in the Admiral boasts a dark wood bar, and a red-tiled wood-fired pizza oven that was handmade in Naples and weighs 2500lbs, or two Val Kilmers in one of those NASA airplanes that gets you as close to weightlessness as possible. Comestibles start with classic pies like the Primavera w/ olive oil, fresh mozz, cherry tomato, arugula & grana cheese; the self-explanatory Al Pepperoni w/ San Marzano sauce; and two kinds of Margherita -- the classic-ish fresh mozz/ basil 22, and another called the D.O.C., which's pimped w/ bufala mozzarella & grana, but doesn't alter The Formula more than that, because, frankly, No One Can Do It Better. Other options range from the Roasted Chicken and Garlic, to the zucchini/ roasted red pepper/ mushroom Milano, to the goat cheese/ pepperoncini/ artichoke hearts/ olive Salami Troy, also the most likely response whenever the former Dallas quarterback asks Tony Siragusa a question.

To wash your 'za down there's a full bar (slinging Euro & NW brews), plus you can score smaller eats like calzones, apps (an Italian meat plate, stuffed mushrooms), and desserts like a wood-fired S'more, which in Bill's case is often preceded by "I think I'd like to press the flesh".