Food & Drink

Meaty goodness behind a Belltown bar

An alley is usually associated with refuse or unsavory people, but rarely bountiful quantities of delicious food, unless you're talking about Kirstie Alley, or Belltown's newest food trailer, Alley Burger. Stealthily opened behind JUJU by its owner (who is also behind The Croc & Local 360), and inspired by Portland's similarly immobile food stands, this permanent burger and chili trailer is framed by chain-link fencing and decorated with street art by locals like Weirdo, probably because, until now, you'd have to be one to go looking for food in an alley

All the food's sourced from Northwest purveyors, including the Painted Hills beef burgers, which can be topped w/ Tillamook cheddar or veggies from Charlie's Produce, or, if you want everything, just order it "Animal"-style, though, afterwards, don't expect you'll be pulling many "WOOO-MENNNN!!!". Sides include fresh cut fries, and hot wings sourced from Draper Valley, which is a farm outside Mount Vernon that's said to be particularly beautiful at Don

The chilis are crazy, sexy, not-too-cool, and can be had in a handful of south-of-the-border-inspired offerings like chili nachos, and a chili cheese burrito called White Trash, so it also describes the stuff found an alley... err, Kirstie Alley... Okay, fine. Both

Photo by Kristen Marie Parker