The waterfront mainstay starts over

Getting a makeover's not just a way for super-ugly people to get on TV, or the grade Mr. Alford gave you when you botched that stationary holder in 7th grade shop. It's also what the crew at Pike Place-adjacent Cutters has spent the last two months giving the classic seafoodery, where since 1983 people have "come for the crab and stay(ed) for the view", which is ironic since usually it's the crabs that stick around. Anyway... now it's a sweet place to hang out, and here's some new stuff to prove it:

The Fresh Digs: CC's said "peace out" to that mid-century dining club style, then lewdly whistled at its replacement: a modernist wood-heavy look built around an open kitchen and raw/booze bar, and arted with fish murals from local gallery Breeze Block, plus a collection of diving signs, which, sadly, probably all point to Álvaro Fernández.

The Fresh Eats: The obviously still seafood-based menu boasts shellfish options (a Dungeness crab boil w/ mussels, Uli's sausage, etc, and baked lobster & Dungeness crab gnocchi), and non-shelled numbers like Alaskan halibut w/ potato cakes & truffled bay scallops, and "Applewood Perfumed" King salmon, a nice addition to the menu, as the "Clinique Happy" version wasn't really selling.

The newness actually doesn't stop there though, 'cause behind the bar they're doing 'tails w/ chef-inspired elixirs and syrups, plus snacks (Buffalo Wings, Beecher's cheese curds), and a selection of sushi rolls, all of which can be had at a discount during twice-daily happy hours that're designed to keep you stationary until you're broke.