Dope Burger

Reinventing a family business is usually the best way to keep things fresh, though good luck convincing executive producers Brandy and Ray J that they should fire Brandy and Ray J. Reinventing her family's biz without the help of amateur video, the chef behind Dope Burger

Opened by a Spring Hill vet in the former Noodle Ranch space (where she'd been running the show for her parents), this narrow whimsically named 50-seater boasts a primary color-trimmed eat space up front, a full bar and take out window in back, and is walled with giant, cartoon-ish depictions of the beef-based tastiness found on a menu dominated by hand-formed burgers made with "twice ground chuck", also what Martin Sheen probably should've done to Charlie many, many more times. Grub starts with "Especially Dope" burgers ranging from the medium cheddar/fried egg Surfer On Avocado, to the Reuben Stunner topped w/ Swiss, shaved pastrami, sauerkraut, Thousand Island & their house Dope Sauce, to one with a fried breaded portobello mushroom cap stuffed w/ cheddar, Swiss & avocado called the Super Mario, which, due to its lack of meat, is probably best for a Princess. Other grub includes more basic "Solid Dope" beef-discs (the two 1/4lb patties Dope Deluxe), salads (the iceberg/ bacon/ bleu cheese Wedge), and sides like house-made avocado fries & fried mushrooms, but not fried Mush-rooms, as those're just for stoned husky drivers to hone their craft.

Besides the usual hard stuff DB's got PBR tall boys and Rainier bottles, plus real ice cream shakes made with vanilla or chocolate, the latter of which Ray J's friend Kim has given up for the former, in an effort to keep things fresh.