From Bombay to Belltown

A single block is either a pretty ambitious pre-game goal for Jim McIlvaine, or the expanse of space on which the ambitious dude behind Belltown Burger & Dos Amigos is hoping to serve food from around the entire world, something the India transplant's come even closer to achieving by opening Far Eats. The 60-seat, subcontinental eatery features wood filigree banquettes, and an LED-lit bar, as Roger Sterling used that giant wad of cash he carries to purchase all the LSD-lit versions. The menu's dominated by "saucy" dishes (spiced sirloin Beef Kefta w/ a nut puree sauce), plus shared plates like jumbo Black Tiger prawns w/ mango chutney, and a fried Chicken Angur, which likely stems from the fact that it can't spell simple words. They've also got takes on American bar eats (Tandoor-style chicken wings), and various meatwiches including ground lamb on a kaiser roll w/ marsala fries, and a pesto-marinated Chicken Burger that, when it's done, informs the chef via Post-it note. If you're still hungry after all that... you might be fat these days and should maybe consider a liquid diet of Indian-inspired 'tails like the blood orange vodka-based Karma Sutra, and the chilled ginger vodka/cardamom syrup Toofan, also how to describe the duo of enthusiasts thought signing McIlvaine was a good idea in the first place.