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Belltown gets Thai food in patty form

Just to clear some things up right away, no, the Fish Cake Factory doesn't serve 36 different styles of fish cake. Or have a section of their 63-page menu titled "Glamburgers". But they do serve up said fish cakes and additional Thai-style eats out of the former Zeitoon space, which they've completely remade by adding a stone-topped bar, and fitting it with dark wood reclaimed from an old saw mill.Their titular cakes include plum sauce & crushed peanut-topped Thai-style numbers called Tod Mun Pla that feature two kinds of paste your kindergarten teacher Mrs. Yeager totally can't give you a time out for eating (ladyfish & red chili), other classics like pan-fried salmon croquettes w/ a dill-caper tartar sauce, and even non-fish cakes like the sweet corn & ground pork w/ cilantro, garlic & pepper. Additional eats range from curries (red pineapple prawn), to meaty dishes (a Thai-style New York strip w/ sweet potato fries), to platters like prawns, squid & pork stir-fried in egg & noodles called The Three Musketeers in Vegetables, which beats the hell out of Whatchamacallits and Anything. Though they're still working on a liquor license, you can just make up for those lost calories by bookending your meal with apps (marinated and fried pork short ribs), and dessert options like Chocolate Tuxedo Cream cheesecake. Just kidding, ice creams from Lopez Island Creamery.