Food & Drink

Spanish-style nosh 'til at least one AM

In an effort to make things more like the home-of-the-pintxo (Barcelona), this tapas-slinger's now serving a skewer-heavy menu of late night eats until at least 1a on Fri/Sat nights. And, to further encourage people out Rambla-ing the Belltown streets, they're putting on a resident DJ who's spun in Spain and North Africa, and they'll even open the patio as long as the weather's not too... Messi. Though you likely thought these were Snausages, they're actually grilled mini chorizo sausages, or Cantimpalitos. They've also got Oregon (boo!) beef skewers (yay!) drizzled w/ demi-glace, ground lamb meatballs, and a shrimp & piquillo pepper stuffed mushroom number. Plus, you can check out a handful of simple desserts like housemade Chocolate Ganache topped w/ a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil & sea salt, as whipped cream & a cherry on top would've been wayyy too Gaudi.