Making you feel special since 2012

It can be hard to find a dope spot for a restaurant, but it helps if the spot you're replacing was literally dope. And just burned down. Opened in the old, closed-by-a-kitchen-fire Dope Burger location, Rocco's gutted the long-narrow space, exposed its resin-splotched brick walls, and turned it into the world's coolest grandfather's den by adding a long stone-topped bar, a patterned drop-ceiling, and sweet art including a collection of elaborate light-up beer signs. Signature 'za options include classics like the Meat w/ housemade sausage, and Zoe's salami & pepperoni, as well as more creative choices like the sauceless ricotta/mozz White Sausage, plus build-your-own-style pies that can be topped with your choice of three sauces, and 38 ingredients ranging from anchovies to "X Mozzarella", though before it's added to the 'za, they've got to break it up... then talk ish about it to their friends. If you don't want good pizza, you should probably go someplace without it... like Pintxo across the street, or Everett are in luck because they also do sandwiches like the Meatball on Essential Bakery bread w/ beef/pork sourced from Olsen Farms.To wash all that X Mozz down, there's old-timey mix-your-own-style Shrub Cocktails that come w/ a flavored syrup, various spirits & soda, plus creatively named craft cocktails, like the mezcal/Benedictine/Angostura bitters What is Loneliness -- the answer to which is decidedly "not dope".