The Belltown sushi spot returns, post yearlong extreme makeover

Taking the occasional break can do wonders (so much so that you really shouldn't need to ask others for one, Nell Carter!), as evidenced by this 150-seat sushi slinger's intense sprucing (completely remodeled interior, overhauled menu) during a hiatus that took almost one year, which seems like a long time 'til you consider Jack Black's unplanned hiatus started with Year One. Hit Wasabi and you shall discover:

What's New: The old neutral-colored wood-heavy interior is gone in favor of a gleamingly geometric space highlighted by wall art backlit by LEDs, Jetsons-ish custom-built lounge chairs, and oversized polished metal light fixtures that resemble atoms exploding; on the food front there's new rolled options (the shrimp tempura/spicy crab Sexy Scorpion), and a greater emphasis on small plates/apps including things like tacos w/ spicy pork belly, and grilled pork tenderloin w/ a sauce made from mango tequila, which (SPOILER ALERT!) Chris Kattan unsuccessfully attempts to market to Turtle in the final season of Entourage.

What's Not: Returning are their most popular eats, ranging from greens (tempura King Crab salad w/ miso citrus dressing), to mains (New York strip, stuffed halibut snow crab w/ orange beurre blanc sauce), to their list of signature rolls including the deep-fried Inglorious Basterd w/ spicy crab, spicy tuna & jalapenos, and a tofu/ asparagus/ avocado/ sweet chili sauce'd number called Garden Mamba, also what Phil said when Kobe asked what to do with all the extra time on his hands.