Like a Mexican Korean food truck, but without the truck

Because cleverly misspelling words is always awesum(!), the crew behind this Westlake street-foodery have named their tiny, triangular counter-service joint Toi Taco. And sure, they are toying with your expectations about tacos, but when it comes to their Korean-inspired menu, they're not playing. Topped with Korean flavors like marinated short ribs & kimchi, TT's soft-tacos are sold individually for an amount equal to 38.6 pesos, or $3, or... whatever they use in Korea*. Called Harusame, this cold Asian noodle dish is flecked w/ crab & cucumber, and is one of a small range of additional eats that include Vietnamese-style Bon Me, and tortilla-based raps, neither of which can really be cleverly misspelled**.* It's won. 3234 Korean won. **And yes, of course, those misspellings are intentional.