Legit Indian food on Cap Hill

No longer just what anarchists in France tiredly suggest when sitting around brainstorming ideas, Bombay Bistro is now also a traditional South Asian eatery from the crew behind Maharaja in the formerly gaudy Chao space, now significantly less gaudy, but with more dark wood and jukeboxes.Rare on Cap Hill: people with employer provided health insurance, and places with BB's kind of classic Indian menu, which is prepped by a dude who cooked for India's President, and separated by protein, including lamb (a yogurt-based Korma stew, or a whole rack), and chicken options like traditional Tikka Masala in sauce that can be altered by heat, plus a slew of veggie-based mains/apps (think samosas, hard). Future plans called for daily happy hours/specials, and -- if you live within two miles of the restaurant -- you can get your food delivered, though beyond two, anarchy still reigns.