Beef tongue tacos and margaritas on Cap Hill

Despite moving into the former Kiki (and Kurrent) space that's been called everything from "kursed" to "krazy" to "things that don't start with Ks", the Eastside Mexican maestros behind the Mi Tierras in Monroe and Woodinville feel confident that they can woo you back there with choice south-of-the-border cuisine in the reworked 110-seater featuring bamboo tables & benches, and a tortilla-making station that's pretty damn, cool! Start your food engines with queso fundido (baked Monterey cheese w/ chorizo, cilantro, poblanos & corn), a Cocktel de Camaron (essentially a Mexican shrimp cocktail served hot in a tomato broth w/ mad spices), or the Oaxaca cheese, crema, queso cotija & chorizo Quesadillas Fritas, as Quesadillas Fritos are just a delicious daydream high people are currently having. Still not as fat as you feel like you could be if you had more focus/chorizo? Then opt for a Torta made w/ lightly buttered & toasted bread stuffed with refried beans, avo, jalapenos, mayo, and your choice of meat, or their homemade pork al pastor or beef tongue Street Tacos. And if that isn't enough to make you go Hmmmmm, pop in that C&C Music Factory tape and head over for happy hour with deals like $4 well drinks, $7 nachos, and a $10 duo of a 32oz Caguama and a tequila shot, sure to make everything else you do feel pretty damn o-K.