Cap Hill's most prolific bar owners open a restaurant

Only having snacks and sh*t is fine if you're already a B.I.G. dude, or dead and don't really have an opinion. But if you're alive, and in need of a full meal, you should take mo' money out of the ATM, and hit Manhattan. With MD, the crew behind Po Dogs/Grim's/Auto Battery is finally offering up a not-just-hot-dog/sandwich-based menu of steakhouse-style eats, which you can crush while hanging in a subtly drugstore-themed space inspired by a salvaged sign they found in a junkyard. Here's what to expect: The Space: Overlooked by a ram's head with pretty standard-issue gold-plated M16s for horns, the concrete floored eating area is adorned w/ richly colored custom wallpaper boasting said ram's head, and dominated by a massive wood and rawhide bar backed by part of a reclaimed apothecary chest, though at least have a couple of drinks before you end up staring at it. The Food: Though it's focused on Nebraska Prime corn-fed steak options, the menu also boasts apps (Pork Belly Sliders w/ apple slaw, Beef Carpaccio), and entrees like a Painted Hills burger w/ tomato jam, truffle aioli & fried leeks, and a garlic mash-sided Pork Chop w/ a sherry sauce you won't want to share-y. The Drinks: A classics-heavy swill list means options like the sweet vermouth/bitters Rye Manhattan garnished w/ a cherry; the Bolo w/ spiced rum, OJ & lime juice; and the bourbon/Campari/sugar cube-based Old Pal, though try not to have too many, or you may wake up the next morning feeling like you're Ready to Die.