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Marination Station

There's nothing more satisfying than finally planting roots, though, to be fair, it is pretty damn hard to tackle ?uestlove's big ass unless you find his Tipping Point. From a famed street food crew who finally black thought it was time to plant roots on Cap Hill, Marination Station, open tomorrow

Already anointed the country's best mobile food purveyors by those glorious brownnosers at Good Morning America, the team behind Marination is now tackling stationary sustenance from a 600sqft QFC-surmounting nook that's fronted by a beer garden, and boasts a few bar-height seats running the length of two heavily windowed walls, plus a metal-trimmed counter (reminiscent of their truck) behind which they're slinging saucily Hawaiian/Asian-inspired eats, as well as mobile vittles-redeemable Truck Bucks, also what Jon Brockman calls himself and Andrew Bogut, since they both bought Toyota Tacomas.

Eats start with revolving specials (SPAM musubi, spicy pork tortas), plus new non-vehicular menu items like a miso ginger chicken bánh ma, and a traditional rice/ hamburger/ fried egg/ gravy combo called Loco Moco, as opposed to mo' Coco, which the ratings at TBS seem to indicate nobody wants.

There's also their usual toothsomeness via two kinds of edibles (both slathered in their secret "nunya", as in "your business", sauce): sliders (Kalua Pork, or SPAM) on Hawaiian rolls, and signature slaw/ pickled jalapeno tacos stuffed with things like Kalbi beef and "Sexy Tofu", the eating of which would cause that dude from Deliverance to say "you've sure got a curdy mouth".

Being immobile means they can serve draft and canned/bottled brews, plus they've got a pan-Pacific assortment of non-alcoholic sip-ables like Golazo Energy Drink, and Hawaiian Sun, something under which even ?uest will find it hard to Stay Cool.